What to Expect


Jesus showed wonderful compassion to the poor, the sick, and the hopelessly sinful. Jesus showed love by speaking the truth of God. We want to love people like Jesus loves them - by speaking the truth in love. This is why we strive to be a warm, welcoming church, inviting everyone to join us, no matter who they are.


Church is for those who understand their sinfulness and realize their great need for God's mercy and grace. God instructs us in the Bible to gather regularly to remember what He has done and to encourage one another. We gather every week because we need God and His truth.


Our primary focus is on Biblical Worship and fellowship with the entire body of believers.

What to Expect

We currently meet 1:00 pm on Sundays, at 139 Cannon Street in Regina, Saskatchewan (in the building owned by Sonlight CRC).

The Worship of the church is something God ordains for His people. Therefore, we make a sincere effort to worship God according to His revealed will. We value being together and believe that God calls us to worship together - children of all ages worship with their family. We're pretty good at not letting noises and wiggles distract us. Chances are you notice the noises and wiggles more than others, so if you need to move to another room, please feel free (don't feel you have to, but feel free). The sound is piped into the foyer and other areas of the building.

Our time of worship lasts about 90 minutes. We preach through books of the bible, verse-by-verse, explaining and applying the text. The sermon is usually about 45 minutes. Our normal order of service is:

Call to Worship and Opening Prayer
Worship in Song
Scripture Reading
Congregational Prayer
Worship in Preaching
Closing Hymn or Psalm
The Lord's Table

Many of us stay to share fellowship together over a cup of tea or coffee, or we bring a snack. We share a meal on the second Sunday of each month ("potluck" style). The children play or join in. Getting to know one another is vital to being able to carry out the "one anothers" of scripture.