Final QuizMeet

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Due to Briercrest's request, QuizMeet needs to have our completed registration form by April 15. Please fill this out as soon as possible, so we can submit it before the deadline.


Our Final Quiz Meet of 2023-2024 will be held on May 3-5 2024 at Briercrest Bible College in Caronport.

  • The cost per quizzer will be $100, including food and lodging.
  • Registration/Check-in will be from 6:30 to 7:30 PM on May 3.

In addition to the quizzers, there is space to accommodate families this year. Please see that information below! Here is the information as we have received it...


Family Info:
Here is the price breakdown for individuals/families interested in staying in Caronport for the Quiz Meet at Briercrest.

$53 per person (Saturday and Sunday meals).

Price for Friday night and Saturday night in the family-style dorms:

  • Dorm room with private bathroom - $80.
    Example of layout:
    | Dorm room | Bathroom | Empty room |
  • Dorm room with shared bathroom - $60.
    Example of layout:
    | Dorm room | Bathroom | Dorm room |

Please note: The shared bathroom is between 2 dorm rooms, so you will only share with one other dorm room.

Each single dorm room comes with 2 beds, but can accommodate up to 4 people. You will need to bring your own bedding, mattress pad (if needed), and towels. Due to Briercrest's policy we can only have 4 people per room, so please get 2 rooms if you are more that the capacity.

* The pricing is for the entire weekend, even if you only need one night or food for one day. Please indicate if you will only be staying one night so we can arrange dorm rooms accordingly.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jo or Tommy or email



Parent, Guardian or Participant (if over 18 years of age)

Parents or Guardians: I HEREBY APPROVE of my child attending the QuizMeet at Faith Baptist Church and understand that reasonable precautions are made for safety while at the QuizMeet. I also understand that the leadership seeks to do everything reasonable for the wellbeing of my child. I understand the possibility of unforeseen hazards and know the inherent possibility of risk.

All Participants: I agree not to hold Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Regina, its leaders, employees, and volunteers liable for damages, losses, diseases, or injuries incurred by us or our child(ren) during this Weekend QuizMeet.

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Quizzers to be Registered

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The cost for this Quiz Meet is $100 per quizzer/coach.

Please send an e-Transfer to Jo Amberson (

If you wish to make arrangements for your family for food and/or lodging, please let Jo or Tommy know.

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