News for August 14, 2023


August 14, 2023
We will have baptize several people following one of the upcoming services. Elsy, Oliver, Araya, Zion, Malacki, and Riley, and Josh and Ethan are interested in being baptized.

As well, Matthew, Susan, Rueben, Ruthy, Jimmy and Teddy are being put forward for membership.

Bibles for Muslims
There is an update banquet for Bibles for Muslims and Aaron Cross scheduled for September 28. More details to follow.

Psalters and Hymnals
There are copies of the psalter and the hymnal available for personal use, as well as loose-leave accompaniment versions. If you'd like one, please speak with Floyd.

The Baptist Catechism
Question 30: Wherein did Christ’s humiliation consist?
Answer: Christ’s humiliation consisted in his being born, and that in a low condition,1 made under the law,2 undergoing the miseries of this life,3 the wrath of God,4 and the cursed death of the cross;5 in being buried,6 and continuing under the power of death for a time.7
1 Luke 2:7
2 Galatians 4:4
3 Hebrews 12:2-3; Isaiah 53:2-3
4 Luke 22:44; Matthew 27:46
5 Philippians 2:8
6 1 Corinthians 15:3-4
7 Acts 2:24-27, 31; Matthew 12:40
Sunday, August 20
139 Cannon St, Regina, SK
3:30 pm
Fellowship following the service

Bible Text
Floyd Gadd will preach on Ezra 6.

Previous Sermons
Bible Study
Dust to Glory is a cover-to-cover overview of the bible from Ligonier Ministries. The study is available in audio here. Everyone is welcome to attend the bible study.

Bible quizzing practice will resume in September.

E-transfer Giving
For those desiring to give:
>> E-transfer to
>> Through the App
>> Online at
>> Pre-authorized debit
>> Cash/Cheque near the sanctuary doors
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